This is situated along the boundary of three towns in Rizal, Antipolo, Binangonan and Angono. The Angono Petroglyphs is known as the oldest work of art in the Philippines. The stone carvings date back from 3000 BC. This was discovered by National Artist Carlos “Botong” Francisco in 1965. This was declared as a national cultural treasure by virtue of P.D. No. 260. One of the bikers who visited the place at the time we were there told us that the site used to be a lying-in clinic of the pre-historic people as depicted by pregnant women in the stone carvings. There is also a museum in the site, too bad it was closed when we visited the area. This is a place that must be promoted as this is truly a cultural treasure,ImageImageImage


I am dreaming of a better Philippines. A country where corruption is not tolerated. The nation where the brightest minds exist. A place where the people love the culture and the arts. The Philippines is an archipelago rich with natural resources. The Philippines has a good number of pristine beaches. Filipinos are good natured people who truly value their famillies and their spirituality. If I can dream of a better Philippines, I know someday I can fantasize about the best Philippines.

Now, I can tell the worldwide web, I never owned a Barbie doll in my entire life! Why? My parents didn’t buy a Barbie for me, as simple as that. I remember I would cry because my “Nanay” would not grant my fervent childhood wish. My parents cannot afford to buy one. My uncle who was in Saudi Arabia that time did not give me that freakin’ doll. Am I repressed since the universe did not grant my wish? I am not. I just realized that sometimes, we must accept the realities of life. Now, I can even afford to collect Barbie dolls, but my longing already passed. I moved on. I know I cannot have it all.

Just for today I will give thanks for my many blessings. Just for today I will not worry. Just for today I will not be angry. Just for today I will do my work honestly. Just for today I will be kind to my neighbor and every living thing. (Reiki Principles)

About fourteen years ago, I delivered the valedictory speech during our graduation in high school. Yes, I was the high school valedictorian. I didn’t write my speech, I had a speech writer back in the days. My Mom commissioned her co-teacher to write the speech for me. My speech was all about the bright future. That time, I was very optimistic that I would succeed. Here comes the future. Yes, indeed, I would consider myself successful. I finished law school and eventually became a lawyer. Nonetheless, my salary is not even higher than my age. I am still wanting more. Is this what I have envisioned fourteen years ago? Maybe, I could not even remember. The real world was not taught in high school. Our teachers just told us that you must study hard to achieve success. They don’t even mentored us to develop are truest potentials. Good values were just those mentioned in the books. When I was in high school I don’t even have a mentor. They did not teach us financial literacy. They did not encourage us to appreciate the culture and the arts. Looking back, our teachers should have encouraged us to maximize our own talents. I could have been a marketing specialist or a writer. I am thankful anyway to my teachers, for teaching me the basics. Still, experience is the best teacher. I have no regrets though of all the accomplishments that I got so far. I’ve come a long way. I have no regrets, honestly. I am proud to be a lawyer. It is not just very financially rewarding, and that’s a fact. I’m just wondering that if I could time travel back in 1996, I would not deliver that so bright future valedictory speech.

I love to travel. This is also a fact. I usually travel three to four times in a year. In every travel there are little things that you discover from your buddies and also from yourself. The three days and two nights thing really tires me a lot. After an exhausting itinerary, I would not get the rest that I really deserve. I have no regrets despite of that. I was able to know well the character of my companions when I travel. What I would remember after every trip are the anecdotes and the misadventures. The place was just the background. There is no perfect vacation. In every trip, something would really go wrong. Like the bed and breakfast hotel that you booked through the Internet would turn out to be a spooky place and not as cozy as was advertised online. (Please do not go to Case de Carlo in Tagaytay, it’s cheap for Php 3,000, but the place is only photogenic. Despite the false advertising, we enjoyed the trip because of the happy company.) It is not really about the place but the company that matters. As long as you enjoy the company of your travel buddies, every trip would be a pleasure. Wherever you are, wherever that place be, no matter how expensive or cheap, the company of happy people never fails.

Pinoy men love to talk to sweet girls. That is a fact. They love the sweet tone of their voices, the caring persona and the angelic face. Oh well, sorry but I do not belong to that profile. I can laugh for two minutes without any interruption, I always crack jokes and I hate when boys do the independent girl bashing. I heard someone saying that it’s pathetic to go to the gym alone or jog all by yourself. I go to the gym alone and I run alone. Ergo, I am a pathetic girl not a sweet girl by their standard. I just don’t get it. That comment is so unfair. Am I bitter? No, I am not. I am just not sweet. I just want equal treatment and promote the true essence of girl power!